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Juan Antonio Pardo Ospina Foundation

since 1926

In the year 1926, “The Colombian Institute for the Blind” was founded by Licentiate Juan Antonio Pardo Ospina, who began operations in his residence. A few months later, the institute was moved to the “Samper Hall.” Today, the foundation serves multiple disabilities to reach more individuals in need.

We are a foundation that seeks to promote the inclusion of the population with disabilities through the recognition, restitution, and exercise of their rights, through interdisciplinary and inter-institutional work aimed at developing personal tools, strengthening close ties, that allow them to respond to the demands of their environment, improve their quality of life and develop their life project.

We mainly serve multiple disabilities, visual, hearing, and physical disabilities that have among their conditions an associated intellectual disability.

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Our Institution

It is the organization that guarantees the rights of people with various disabilities through specific and high-impact programs that ensure the recognition and restoration of their rights, to improve their quality of life and thereby achieve their productive connection to society.

*1 el nombre del menor es cambiado para su protección.

*2 Fuente: ministerio de salud Colombia/2017

What we do

We promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in different environments: school, occupational, work, socio-affective and community, through the detection, attention and monitoring of their individual needs, preparing them through psycho-pedagogical and occupational support, so that they develop as functional human beings and participants in their environment, thus improving their quality of life.

Our history

In 1926, the Colombian Institute for the Blind was founded by Mr. Juan Antonio Pardo Ospina, a member of a prominent family in Bogotá society. In that same year, Law 45 of 1926 was issued, which promoted education for the blind in Colombia, the author of this law being Mr. Juan Antonio Pardo Ospina.

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